Ryan Fitzpatrick is a part of it, Bills players love it, and opposing players hate it. So as the Buffalo Bills gear up for a Super Bowl run this season, how do the legendary Bills Mafia match up with other fanbases?

Highmark Stadium is transformed into a partying paradise for each and every home game for the Buffalo Bills. 70,000 fans decent on the stadium and many make several pitstops along the way to get ready for the game.

That could mean downing a beer from a pink flamingo, grabbing some food from a shopping cart turned grill, or jumping through a six-foot folding table.

If you have been to a Buffalo Bills tailgate you know that the crowd can get really crazy and a bit rowdy. It can get even worse as the fans head into the stadium and make enough noise to shake the stadium and the bars and parking lots around it.

So is Bills Mafia the rowdiest crowd in the National Football League? If you ask me, yes but according to a new study done by bookie.com, Bills Mafia is just like the great Bills teams of the 90s...2nd place.

Bills Mafia came in behind the fans of the Philadelphia Eagles, who are known for throwing batteries at Santa Claus.

Overall, Bills Mafia received high marks for Damaging Property, ie breaking tables, being too loud, which is not a problem if they are quiet during the Bills' offensive drives, and drinking too much, is there ever such a thing on game day?

The good news is that if you are going to a Bills game this season you already know that it will be a crazy time. You just have to make sure that you are ready and prepared for it!

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