Unfortunately, the Coronavirus pandemic has left many Americans out of work. If you're trying to move forward, and look for work, beware of many red flags in job postings.

First- Trouble With Unemplyment?

First, before you start looking for work, are you trying to access unemployment? If you're having trouble it may be because you're missing a step. The New York State Department of Labor says you could be missing out on unemployment benefits if you're not taking one critical step: weekly certification.

New York State says after you apply for unemployment benefits, both regular and the special pandemic unemployment assistance, you still need to certify each week to access the benefits.

Once you've filed for unemployment, and your claim status changes from "pending" to "payable" - you'll know this because you'll receive an email and/or a letter from the Department of Labor.

Second- Are You Looking For Work?

More than 1.2 million New Yorkers have filed unemployment claims since the coronavirus outbreak began.

CBS New York says the jobs that are currently hiring during the pandemic, are the following: essential services, remote jobs and quick gigs.

“Temporarily, you should be willing to take a job below your level,” career counselor Eileen Sharaga told CBS2’s Charlie Cooper."

Also, industries like remote customer service, pharmacy work, grocery store and delivery services are hiring in great numbers. CBS also reports that areas like telemedicine, tech, and online teaching are also bringing new hires on board.

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Third- Watch Out For These Red Flags

On a AskReddit thread, posters warned others to watch out for these "Red Flags" in job descriptions.

Red Flags To Watch Out For In Job Descriptions or Interviews From Reddit

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