The song 'Amazing Grace' already hits hard with its normal rendition. When you hear this man playing it on bagpipes, you will truly be touched.

Restaurants and bars all across the United States have taken a table and placed 13 beers on them in honor of the fallen soldiers in Afghanistan. It is a very emotional moment to walk in and see a table empty, but reserved for those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our great country. That is a feeling thousands at the New York State Fair in Syracuse have felt walking into the bar tent. One man decided to pay tribute in another very touching way.

Grayson Hedrick has been spotted walking around the fair over the weekend. He is fairly easy to notice as he is walking around in a kilt with a bird on his head, but also because he is playing bagpipes. I myself witnessed him playing a song while riding the gondola Saturday evening. I knew he was playing something memorable, but I couldn't place what it was. I recall saying to someone, "isn't that what they play at funerals?". It seems as if he was practicing "Amazing Grace".

Fast-forward a few days, and this incredible man heard a pause in the band playing on stage in the beer tent and began to play, stunning the crowd on hand.

“I wanted them to stop and think about the people who aren’t here,” “They can’t be here and have a beer with us., and that hurts.” - Grayson Hendrick/

If you wish to see this happen, Hendrick has said he will be doing it again on Friday according to Surely this time, he will be playing in front of a much larger crowd.

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