One of Central New York's most popular restaurant is now serving an item you may never knew they didn't have. Symeon's Greek Restaurant in recent months has added a new item to the appetizer section of their menu. After eating lunch there yesterday, I was made very happy.

I sat down at the table and looked at the menu I had already memorized for years, trying to convince myself to go with something other than my usual Boston Baked Haddock or Thracian Chicken with rice pilaf. I can never stray from my favorites. Occasionally I will get the fried calamari or fried eggplant for an appetizer, but the very friendly waiter offered another option, a NEW option. He told me they were now serving hummus! I always wondered why Symeon's, being technically a Mediterranean style restaurant, didn't serve hummus before. Well, of course I had to try it! Like many of the other menu items at Symeon's it did not disappoint.

It was a garlic hummus and you could actually make out some chunks of garlic and some of the unblended chick peas. The flavor and consistency was so good and it wasn't too soupy, like some other hummus I've had. Of course they served it with their traditional pita bread, the kind you'd get with tzatziki dip. It isn't actually on the menu yet, but it's been available for the past few months.

I ran into Symeon as I was leaving and I asked him when he began serving the item, as I carried some to go home with me. He mentioned that he never really thought to make it before and it was a series of phone orders that inspired the menu item addition. He said he was taking to-go orders one day and three separate people called to order lunch, asking for hummus with it. So, he finally decided it was time to make the addition. I asked Symeon, "Is it that easy to get an item on the menu?" He replied simply, "Not quite." Regardless of why, I was very happy to know Symeons now offers the delicious dish. Symeon says they've done different flavors of hummus too, including an awesome Roasted Artichoke hummus. Go and try it for yourself.

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