This is the house that every mail delivery driver wants to have on their route.

Jennifer Utech Pawli is nothing short of a super fan of our beloved Buffalo Bills. A member of BILLS MAFIA on Facebook, Jennifer leveled up her yard with a new and improved mailbox. 

You may be wondering how this could be, but once you see the mailbox, it won’t be a mystery anymore. 

Jennifer grabbed some paint and got to work. She decorated her mailbox so everyone that drove by could see that she is a proud member of Bills Mafia. 

In a Facebook comment on the BILLS MAFIA page, Jennifer said that her latest project was “not that hard, just tedious [but] the good thing is you can’t really screw up that pattern.”

Jennifer may have sparked a Western New York trend, as many people chimed in saying that they were going to attempt to mimic the new addition to her yard. 

And if you are wondering what Jennifer’s neighbor thinks of the new mailbox, Darcy added a Facebook comment to make sure everyone knows that she does, in fact, “LOVE it!”

The mailbox does look fantastic, but how cool would it be if Jennifer figured out a way to make the mailbox play the bills song whenever someone opens the front of the box. Maybe it could be her next project!

What do you think of the mailbox?


Jennifer Utech Pawli
Jennifer Utech Pawli

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