Well, that's embarrassing. A simple oversight has landed one woman in quite a bit of hot water, and it was a careless typo that got her busted. With a little over half of the country fully vaccinated, forged vaccine cards have become a hot commodity. U.S. Customs and Border Protection says they've seized thousands upon thousands of phony cards over recent months, and the problem doesn't seem to be going away any time soon. You just might want to make sure you're getting the name of the vaccine right if you plan on forging one of these cards.

The NY Post says that a 24-year-old woman was busted in Hawaii after investigators were tipped off to the questionable document. According to Hawaii News Now, her card allegedly misspelled Moderna as “Maderna”. Doh! The Post says she was caught Saturday when she tried to fly back out of Hawaii. The Post says that the fake card claimed she was vaccinated in Delaware but officials found that not to be true.

As bas as this may sound, at least she didn't make a mistake like this on her death certificate? Last year, a criminal defendant from New York attempted to convince everyone that he dead to avoid a jail sentence for a prior offense. But, it was again another simple misspelling on a document that foiled this scheme. ABC7 reports that the 25 year-old man had been sentenced in October 2019 for possession of a stolen Lexus and attempted grand larceny of a truck. Prosecutors say he wanted to avoid the one year jail sentence, so he left the state and tried to convince everyone he had committed suicide.

What happened? Prosecutors say that on the certificate, that was supposed to look like it came from the New Jersey Department of Health, Vital Statistics and Registry, the word registry was spelled "Regsitry".

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