A well-known spot for fine dining over the years is slated to re-open this fall in Herkimer County.

Tucker Rosemyer, who previously operated Purple Cow at that very same location, says he is preparing to re-open the now vacant restaurant on West Main Street in Frankfort.

The new name will be '1886 Prime.'

It is also the same building that previously housed Kevin's Bistro.

Rosemyer tells WIBX 950 work is underway to renovate the restaurant, which will include doubling the size of the kitchen,  and adding a pair of double-decker pizza ovens to it.  He also said the menu at 1867 Prime will feature a few popular dishes from another of his prior endeavors, Karma Piano Bar and Restaurant.

Rosemyer's brother operates Slice, a pizzeria at 2007 Genesee Street in South Utica, he said..

For a look a new eateries who've opened their doors in the last year in the Utica-area, click here.

Among them, you'll find out about Bannock's Restaurant and Catering in Clinton, The Lake House in Sylvan Beach, Station 233 in Westmoreland, Lafa Mediterranean by Zeina's in New Hartford, The Compound in Clinton, Mad Batter Bakery in Mohawk, City Cafe in Whitesboro and Fresco Fish in New Hartford, the Balanced Chef in Rome, Sazon Frank Restaurant in Utica, and Rick's Famous Burgers.

And, if you're interested in entering the market yourself, there was news this week out of Oriskany Falls that the building that has house Mario's Pizzeria for the past 35 years is now up for sale. Read more on that here.

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