An Axe Thrower from Albany is the Favorite to Win the 2022 World Championship in Minnesota Later this Month!

Axe-throwing venues became a big thing in Upstate New York over the last few years, especially during the pandemic when we seemingly faced a shortage of fun things to do.

And one of the area's most popular places for axe-throwing is the Lazy Axe in Albany.

The Lazy Axe is more than a fun night out tossing the ol' blade, it's also the home of a highly-skilled axe-thrower set to compete in a worldwide championship later this month!

In a press release from the Lazy Axe, they shouted out one of its owners, Mark Mirasol who is set to make the trek out to the midwest to stake his claim as the best axe-thrower in the country.

We wanted to share some exciting news with you-- the Capital Region's very own 2021 Big Axe World Champion, Mark Mirasol, will be throwing in the upcoming 2022 World Axe Throwing League's US Open. He will be competing in two disciplines, Hatchet and Big Axe. -Lazy Axe Albany 


Photo: Lazy Axe Albany Facebook
Mark Mirasol - Axe thrower from Albany will compete in the National Championships later this month.
Photo: Lazy Axe Albany Facebook
Mark Mirasol throws an axe in a recent competition

Mirasol is the reigning Big Axe World Champion, and according to the release, he is one of the competitive favorites to go all the way in the second biggest tournament of the year!

The finals will be broadcast live on ESPN on Sunday, July 17.

Some quick facts about the 2022 World Axe Throwing League's US Open:

  • The Championship will take place on July 14-17 in Minneapolis, MN
  • Competitors from all over the world will be competing in 4 events
  • Co-owner and reigning in the Hatchet and Big Axe disciplines and Zach Caldwell will be throwing in the World Knife Throwing League's Tournament.
  • The event has a total Prize Pool of $25,000.
  • In addition to the US Open, Mark has been invited to participate in the 2022 Commissioner's Cup, which will be airing on August 5 during ESPN's 2022 iteration of "The Ocho"!
  • Here's a link to more information regarding this event for your reference:

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