Local restaurants in Albany are currently struggling with a string of scammers using GrubHub for free food. Are these problems happening in the Utica, Rome, and Syracuse area too?

News 10 reports that dishonest customers have become aware of "GrubHub’s no questions asked refund policies" on orders. People have reportedly begun calling GrubHub looking for a refund by claiming they have not received their delivery, or part of it, when they clearly did.

In one instance, a customer on Manning Boulevard in Albany was reportedly caught having placed orders with multiple establishments throughout the City of Albany over multiple nights, using different accounts and names. What the customer would do is place an order, change the delivery address last minute, then contact GrubHub asking for a refund claiming they never received their order."

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Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple says his department is ready and willing to prosecute those who are knowingly targeting already struggling local businesses.

“Placing an order on GrubHub with the knowledge that you’re going to redirect the order to another address and claim not to have received it, or placing an order, receiving the product and then falsely requesting and receiving a refund, it’s a crime and the more you do it the more severe the crime gets.” states Albany County Sheriff Craig D. Apple. “If you received the food, pay for it. It’s that simple.”

If you're trying to pull this stunt here in the Utica and Rome area, know that it's totally illegal and you will be prosecuted. Also know, it's a pretty crappy move to slam these restaurants when they are already feeling down due to COVID.

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