Utica Coffee Roasters is keeping American fighter pilots stationed in the United Arab Emirates fueled with their favorite coffee.

The fighter pilots of the 388th Fighter Wing, stationed in UAE, were involved in the bombing of an Iraqi island that was an ISIS strong hold on the evening of September 10.

Utica Coffee Roasters keeps Central New Yorkers fueled for the day with their "Wake The Hell Up" coffee, which has an extra jolt of caffeine, for when you really need to stay alert. Recently, the mother of one of the pilots sent her son a package containing the coffee.

The pilot's mom, says "Their flights are long, and they drink a lot of coffee." According to her, the pilots "loved it."

Utica Coffee may have played a small role in the United States' war against ISIS. According to the Air Force Times, and Operation Inherent Resolve spokesperson Col. Myles Caggins III, " U.S. Air Force F-15 Strike Eagles and F-35 Lightning II aircraft conducted" a strike, dumping "80,000 pounds of bombs on Qanus Island in Iraq on Tuesday to prevent the Islamic State from using the island as a refuge."

"The F-35A Lightning IIs from the 388th Fighter Wing and the 419th Fighter Wing, both at Hill Air Force Base in Utah, arrived at Al Dhafra Air Base in the United Arab Emirates April 15, the first time the Air Force’s most advanced fighter jet has been deployed to the Middle East."

The United States Air Force even published footage of the bombing:

Heather Delia, of Utica Coffee Roasters says this isn't the first time they've sent coffee to active troops. "Customers love being able to help out. Sometimes we just never know what we can do, well now you know you can wake them all the hell up!"

Heather says there's a box set up in the Utica and Clinton coffee shops so customers can donate items like UCR's coffee and travel mugs, which the pilots also appreciate.

Utica Coffee is located at 92 Genesee Street in Utica and 1 West Park Row in Clinton. You can help support our troops as they defend America by making a donation to the coffee shipment at the Utica and Clinton locations. Utica Coffee is open from 6:30am - 6:30pm weekdays and 7am - 4pm on weekends.

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