The famous Dome where Syracuse sports teams play is undergoing a facelift. In order to pull it off, they literally had to PULL IT OFF. We're talking about the roof.

Kevin Schneider is a member of the Iron Workers Union Local 60 and is part of the team working on the Dome. His panoramic picture of the naked Dome is quite a sight for Central New Yorkers who are accustomed to seeing the famous stadium fully clothed. Here's the link to his interactive 360-degree image from his Facebook page:

Once known as the Carrier Dome, because its original construction was underwritten by the Carrier Corporation, it's been the butt of one common joke for years: It doesn't have any air conditioning. That's just one of the big upgrades in the works. Here are the other improvements:

  • New roof
  • Sound, video and lighting systems
  • Seating, concessions and restrooms to better comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act

Some of these new features are expected to be in place for the upcoming 2020 college football season, while others may not be completed until 2022.

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