As we count down the final days of the 2019 calendar year and the NFL regular season, our natural tendency is to look ahead toward 2020.

With a little common sense and some "crystal balling," we've come up with a list of NFL-related side hustles to consider for the coming year and beyond. These business ideas are tied directly to pro football teams and their circumstances. You COULD make a small fortune. But, of course, beware that market conditions do change, and past performance is not always indicative of future results. Here, starting with the most viable idea, are the seven best cities for football-centric opportunities in the near future:

Side hustles: Real estate and relocation services. The Raiders are leaving Oakland for Las Vegas--and so will many of their hardcore fans. So, it makes sense to set up a team of realtors and movers in both the Bay Area and in Sin City. Your regional business could get 'em coming and going. We checked and is available.

Side hustle: Weed. The Broncos haven't had a winning season since 2016, but pot is booming in Denver. Since legalizing recreational marijuana in 2014, Colorado pot products have netted billions and broken records each successive year. Bank on 2020 to continue that trend, with the possibility that wealthy Broncos players might be the best customers...of course, only during the off-season.

Side hustle: Vegetarian food supplier. The greatest quarterback in NFL history has single-handedly transformed the dietary habits of New Englanders who don't subsist on beer and chowder. If you go all in on this side hustle, cross your fingers that whoever succeeds Tom Brady at QB for the Patriots is also a vegan.

Side hustles: Logo design and stadium construction. Let's face it, this franchise needs an overhaul. The team stinks and FedEx Field is only adequate. Plus, the team nickname is probably living on borrowed time, especially as time marches on and Millennials replace traditionalists.

Side hustle: Super Bowl-related merch. Of the four franchises that have never reached the big game, Houston's a good bet to do it a lot sooner than Detroit, Cleveland or Jacksonville. This one's a no-brainer; the Texans are close.

Side hustle: Revolving doors. If you've got the corner on this market in the desert, you're money. The Cardinals franchise leads the league in coaching turnover--by a wide margin. With a total of 42 coaches in 99 years, the Cards average a new coach every 2.4 years. Current coach Kliff Kingsbury has his work cut out for him.

Side hustle: Plastic picnic table manufacturing and distribution. Buffalo fans have achieved fame by diving onto and destroying these tables during pre-game tailgating parties. Yeah, we know the Bills' brass at New Era Field has cracked down on this activity in the stadium parking lots. But the phenomenon has caught on enough, we're sure it'll still be the #1 activity in back yards all over the Buffalo area for years to come.

If we're missing any big ideas, feel free to comment below or drop one in our suggestion box.

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