What's your wish for 2021? Whether you're vying for a promotion at work, setting fitness goals for the upcoming year, or just hoping the coronavirus pandemic will go away, you can set your wish into motion during one of the biggest nights of the year.

The NYE Wishing Wall is back, a tradition that's no stranger to the thousands of people from all over the world who have stopped by Times Square and written their wishes for the new year on pieces of confetti that will fall when the clock strikes midnight.

During a typical year, Times Square would be packed with visitors submitting their wishes. But given the state of the world amidst the coronavirus pandemic, the Digital Wishing Wall is coming in handy now more than ever.

You can submit your wish through a super simple online form on Times Square's official website. All wishes must be submitted by December 28 to make it onto a piece of confetti for the 2021 New Year's Eve celebration. Anything submitted after the deadline will be kept on file and printed out for the 2022 celebration in Times Square.

Earlier this year, New York City officials confirmed that the ball drop in New York City would go virtual this year because of the coronavirus pandemic. If you're looking for a way to watch the celebration and see all of the confetti wishes float around an empty Times Square, you'll just have to stay home and watch it on TV.... Sounds about right for 2020.

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