Quarantine doesn't mean you can't have a party, it just has to be virtual.

I miss seeing all my friends and family. But I truly miss going out and getting sloppy at a bar. I'm not even ashamed to say it, I don't even care. Who doesn't love going to their favorite bar with their best friends and tearing it up? So while we can't go drink with our friends in public right now, we still can play drinking games, just virtually!

I want to make this VERY clear, that I am NOT endorsing or suggesting binge drinking/heavy drinking, or anything of the sort. Always drink responsibly and only drink if you're of age. Now that that's all cleared up, here are 7 drinking games you can play virtually:

If you've never played Thumper before it's pretty hectic but super fun. Each person playing picks a hand gesture before the game starts. Something like the middle finger, finger guns, or pulling your ear. Everyone tells the players what their gesture is. When the game starts, everyone starts drumming with their hands on the table. The leader of the game makes their hang gesture, then does someone else's hand gesture. Whoever's gesture they did, that person will now make their gesture, then someone else's gesture. And so on and so on. This goes until someone messes up or takes too long. Loser drinks. Oh, and the drumming continues by every player who isn't doing a gesture. This could totally be done via Zoom, just make sure everyone talks loud enough.

Evil Apples is basically a mobile Cards Against Humanity. Everyone plays on their phone and follows the same rules as you would for Cards Against Humanity.

Thunderstruck was my college go-to pre-game game. You simply put on AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" and drink every time they sing "thunder" or "Thunderstruck". The next time one of those two phrases are said the next person drinks. The catch here is whoever is drinking does not stop until thunder/Thunderstruck is said again. I suggest setting on an order of who is where in the group so everyone knows when to drink next. I also suggest having a backup drink (or two) nearby, as you can go through drinks in this quickly.

These are the games like Quiplash, Trivia Murder Party, and Drawful. They can be played on a lot of gaming systems like XBox, and even on your computers. You'll need screen share capabilities for this.

For virtual flip cup, you'll need to set up pairs of people that will face off with each other. From here, just set the full team lineup for how it will go down. Watch the pair ahead of you to know when you can start drinking. From there, just follow normal flip cup rules! If you don't know flip cup, all you do is pour about a shot's worth of beer in a solo cup. Whoever you're teamed up against will race you to finish the beer in the cup. Once you finish your beer, you have to put the cup on the edge of a table and flip it upside down. You can only use one finger to flip it. Once you finish, the next person on your team will begin drinking and doing the same. First team to finish, wins.

Picolo is an app on your phone that only one person needs to have. Everyone's name will get thrown into the app and the app will give different prompts for things to do. It's simple to do virtually because normally the game is played with one person reading commands, now it's just over Facetime instead of in person.

Power Hour is not for the faint of heart, or stomach. For this, you take a shot's worth of beer, every minute, for one hour. You can do it the lazy way and just have a minute timer set and repeat it 60 times. Or you can look up power hour playlists on Youtube. I suggest the playlist method, less thinking that goes into it. If you want to make it extra spicy, do a toast to someone different for each beer shot you do. My friends and I would always cheers to some person we went to high school with. This is super easy to do virtually, just follow the clock on your computer or have someone play the music loud enough for everyone to hear the change.

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