A new report has been released showcasing the most popular 'hot-list' vehicles to be stolen in Central New York and the US. While some of the hottest and most popular vehicles are also the most stolen the new report has a few surprises.

There are certain cars and SUV models are about five times more likely to be stolen than the average for all vehicles. Most average cars are not on the 'hot-list,' these are the top vehicles that car thieves are looking for when 'shopping' for a car. Also, those owners of those models will have to pay a premium to insure those vehicles.

Let's see what vehicles are in the top 5 most commonly stolen 'Hot-List' cars in Central New York and the U.S.

5 - Chevrolet Corvette Z06

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Coming in at #5 is a great way to get from one location to another.......FAST! Approximate Blue Book value is $57,900 for a two-door, 2009 Chevrolet Corvette Z06.

4 - Dodge Charger HEMI

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The 4th most commonly stolen is The Dodge Charger HEMI
In spite of looking like it's ready to race at your local drag strip this Hemi is listed as a large family car. This HEMI, by the way, is rated at 368 HP right off the showroom floor. Approximate Blue Book Value $34,400 for a 2009.

3 - Infiniti G37

The third most popular car to disappear from your driveway overnight is the Infiniti G37 a sleek midsize luxury car with high-end interior using expensive materials and steering wheel shift pedals "fit for a Ferrari" according to Popular Mechanics. Approximate Blu Book Value $36,050 for a 2009.

2 - F-250 Crew-cab and 4WD F-Series

Ford Posts Larger-Than-Expected Loss And Prepares To Shift Strategy
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The second most commonly stolen F-250 crew and 4WD F-series trucks have always been good sellers and in demand because of the number of tools and cargo they can carry. the Dodge Ram, Chevrolet Silverado 1500 are in the same group as the Ford trucks. Approximate Blue Book Value $36,100 for a 2009 4-Door.

1 - Cadillac Escalade

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The target gets larger on the Cadillac Escalade Sport Utility #1, but also the vehicle that is 7 times more likely to be stolen than the average passenger vehicle. Thieves still put them on flatbeds and off they go in the middle of the night. Approximate Blue Book  value $$49,135 for a 2009.

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