There is no doubt Airbnbs can be quite a bit cheaper than finding a hotel. If all you need is a weekend getaway, these options are perfect.

The holidays are also coming up and will be here before you know it. If you have family in other areas of New York that you'll be traveling to, you'll need a place to stay and these options are perfect for that too. Booking a hotel around the holidays, a decent one could easily set you back $250 at least. For considerably cheaper, maybe think about the options below.

One worry some people have about Airbnb is privacy. There is actually a video on TikTok that picked up some steam that outlines how easy it is to hide cameras. This isn't necessarily pointing to the owner, but also prior people who have stayed there. Luckily, WIVB out of Denver has laid out some quick, and easy tips on how to spot cameras when you're staying in either an Airbnb or a hotel.

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The first tip is to use the flashlight trip to see if you can spot a camera like noted above. If you still are feeling a little uneasy, there is an app that can actually tell you what devices are on the current wifi as well, which could tip you off to cameras called the Fing App. If all else fails, just unplug the wifi router, and the problem is solved.

5 Air BNBs Around New York Perfect For A Weekend Getaway

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