Here are the unofficial results from the New York State Board of Elections:

22nd Congressional District:  (365 of 565 Districts reporting)

Anthony Brindisi, Dem, Wor, Ind (incumbent)  105,985

Claudia Tenney, Rep, Con  135,305

Keith Price, LBT   5,299

24th Congressional District: (681 of 681 Districts reporting)

John Katko, Rep, Con, Ind (incumbent)   155,830

Dana Bater, Dem  100,728

Steven Williams, Wor    9,835

47th Senate District:  (36 of 247 Districts reporting)

Joseph Griffo, Rep, Con, Ind (incumbent)  9,967


51st Senate District:  (135 of 255 Districts reporting)

Jim Barber, Dem   25,469

Peter Oberacker, Rep, Con Ind    35,232

101st Assembly District: (91 of 117 Districts reporting)

Brian Miller, Rep, Con, Ind (incumbent)  31,892

Chad McEvoy, Dem, Wor   16,691

Barbara Kidney, Gre   870

118th Assembly District:

Robert Smullen, Rep, Con, Ind (incumbent)  2.011


119th Assembly District: (6 Districts of 111 reporting)

Marianne Buttenchon, Dem, Ind (incumbent)  18,298

John Zielinski, Rep   16,082

Michael Gentile, Sam   189

121st Assembly District:  (52 of 95 Districts reporting)

John Salka, Rep, Con, Ind (incumbent)   29,715

Dan Buttermann, Dem  14,972

Corey Mosher, WOR   1,142

Jake Cornell, LBT    561


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