If you love the TV show Ghost Hunters, you'll know they love exploring New York State. Where in New York has Ghost Hunters investigated?

New York State can be a creepy place. We have a pretty long history from the colonies, to all sorts of Native American land. New York was, and still is, a busy place for historic events. Much of the paranormal history involves myths, urban legends, and folklore from all across the state. Whether those stories are in New York City, or right here in Upstate New York, one common theme is that we all love scary stories.

When Ghost Hunters investigates a "haunted place," they are looking to find out if some of the folklore is true about the location. In the case of these 11 places, you actually could take a road trip and find out yourself. Wouldn't that be fun to do before Halloween, or on Halloween itself?

11 of the places listed below are open to the public, some even feature some haunted tours during the month of October. You could always call ahead and see what they have to offer before Halloween lands.

Ghost Hunters has visited New York many more times than just the 11 listed. A few dozen times. More often than not, the TAPS team was attempting to assist residents who believe their homes to be haunted.

So, keep scrolling and maybe even check these locations out before the spooky season runs out. Are they myth, folklore, urban legends, or could these places truly be haunted? Do you remember these episodes airing? Let us know on when you text us on our station app.

11 Of The Creepiest Public Places In New York Ghost Hunters Has Explored On TV

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