Experience a hair-raising tour underground, walking through forbidden New York caves with only a lantern to guide the way....if you dare.

The Haunted Cave Lantern Tour along the Erie Canal is back for 2023. The eerie guided tour leads you along the dark waters of the Erie Canal, telling folklore, tales, and creepy stories as you enter the forbidden tunnels and caves under Lockport, New York where it's 55 degrees year-round.

You'll walk by stalactites, flowstones, various geological formations, and artifacts left behind by those who built the tunnel in the early days of the Erie Canal.

Credit - Lockport Cave
Credit - Lockport Cave

Featured on Ghost Hunters

The Haunted Cave Lantern Tour on the Erie Canal has been a staple in Western New York for more than 40 years and was even profiled on an episode of the Ghost Hunters TV show.

-Reservations must have a minimum of 2 to book
-Tours are 70 min. and leave from the cave office
-Free parking is available
-Be ready approximately 15 minutes before the boat leaves
-Guests must be older than 8 years old
-No backpacks, shoulder bags, purses, handbags, or animals are allowed
-Come prepared for the weather. Dress appropriately
-No refunds are available

Credit - Lockport Cave
Credit - Lockport Cave

You can buy online or at the ticket office, located in downtown Lockport, New York at 5 Gooding Street next to the Pine Street Bridge overlooking the Erie Canal and Lockport Locks.

Learn more about Lockport Caves and the Haunted Lantern Tour at Lockportcave.com or on their Facebook page.

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