When we encouraged Central New Yorkers to get creative during quarantine and try a new hobby, this is not quite what we envisioned.

New York State Police stopped a driver who had gotten their creative juices flowing in quarantine and devised a fake license plate for their car. It appears to be made of wood, with yellow coloring and navy blue writing to match a real New York plate. It even has some plastic covering on the front to protect it.

New York State Police
New York State Police

This fake license plate is almost good enough to pass for a real one, right? WRONG. While the plate kind of resembles a real plate (like the one in the video below), there are a number of key elements missing from the fake, including the New York outline in the middle of the numbers and the big block of navy blue across the top of the plate. It needs more blue!!

While the driver gave it the good ol' college try and while it is pretty funny, please don't try this at home. New York State Police shared the photo of the fake plate as a warning to other drivers thinking about trying their hand at fooling officers with their homemade handiwork:

Please be advised: Vehicles will be stopped for invalid license plates. Yes, we stopped this driver.

DMVs across the state closed earlier this year because of the coronavirus, only offering select services online. At the beginning of June, offices in Albany, Onondaga, Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester counties and in the five boroughs of New York City were able to restart other select operations by mail and dropbox, but other counties remain closed.

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