New Yorkers voted for a new license plate design last September, and while New York DMV locations were supposed to start distributing the new plates April 1, the coronavirus pandemic (and now, a manufacturing flaw) have delayed the release.

According to Spectrum, many DMVs across the state have had to return the plates they received this week because the plates' reflectivity made it difficult for some state road and highway cameras to read them.

"Early on, the state changed its manufacturing process once it was discovered that some of the new plates were too reflective, and while some have been shipped inadvertently to counties, none were issued to drivers," state DMV spokeswoman Lisa Koumjian said in a statement, according to Spectrum. "The state has already collected and replaced them and they will eventually be reissued."

For the time being, DMVs across the state will continue to distribute the blue and gold plates until the new 'Excelsior' plates are fixed.
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New Yorkers voted between five plate designs last year, and the winning plate racked up almost half of the votes. It was the only design that gave acknowledgment to any part of the state outside of New York City, with high-rise buildings on one side and Niagara Falls on the other. Check out the designs that New Yorkers didn't choose here.

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