Movie theaters in Central New York have been closed since March, including Marquee Cinema in New Hartford. Will they ever reopen?

In many states, movie theaters have begun to reopen after being shut down amid the coronavirus pandemic. In New York, they're still closed - even as other businesses have been given the okay to open their doors. As of now, Governor Cuomo still hasn't given any indication when they might be able to welcome movie-goers again.

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Back in August, Governor Cuomo said movie theaters were "next" after giving the okay for gyms to reopen across the state. At that time, venues like casinos hadn't been able to open either. Since then, non-tribal casinos have been given the okay to open as well.

Cuomo is urging movie and concert venues to "stay patient" saying things aren't normal enough for those businesses to reopen.

The movie industry has been struggling, losing billions of dollars as movie releases have been postponed and filming has been delayed due to the pandemic.

In New Hartford, Marquee Cinemas, which only recently underwent an extensive renovation, is still closed.

Are you ready to grab a popcorn and a soda and enjoy a movie yet? Or will you still hesitate to head to theaters?

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