A lawsuit against the Wild Animal Park in Chittenango is on hold while the owner gets the proper permits to continue the drive thru safari.

The town of Sullivan board members agreed to put the lawsuit on hold and work with The Wild owner Jeff Taylor, who spoke with the board during a virtual meeting, promising to get the necessary permits for his drive thru safari.

"We are very happy with this, as we will do our part to work through the issues," said Taylor.

Taylor was served with a cease and desist June 1st after opening the drive thru safari that violated codes and zoning laws. A move made to help keep the gates open after COVID-19 shut everything down.

The community came together to stand with Taylor and help keep the zoo open. A petition to save the Wild Animal Park received over 45,000 signatures.

Taylor was blown away for the outpouring of support. "It was truly amazing to see so many amazing people come out and have our back. We truly believe we couldn’t have done it without you."

"The goal has always been to obtain compliance and there is no desire to place The Wild out of business," Town officials said.

Going forward, Taylor is hoping to have a working relationship with the town and keep The Wild open. "In short, at this point The Wild isn’t going anywhere."

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