There's so many things to see and do with the animals at The Wild Animal Park in Chittenango. From feeding sheep, birds and giraffes to an up close encounter. Now you can go alligator fishing too.

Park owner Jeff Taylor says he's always coming up with inventive ways that will allow guests to interact with the animals. His latest idea is gator fishing. "For an extra small fee, guests will be given some fish to feed to the alligators in the gator pit."


Bird Feeders

Gator fishing is just the latest addition at the Wild Animal Park. You can also feed the birds - a wild experience. Sticks of food are sold outside the bird pen. When you shuffle in, so you don't step on any of the birds, they will flock right to you - sitting on your arms, head, feet and even your phone if you have it out to take pictures.


Carrots for Giraffes

You can feed the giraffes, Jase and Jasmine too. Carrots chips can be picked up when you arrive at the Wild Animal Park. They are also available, for a small fee, at the giraffe pen. The giraffes may not sit on your head like the birds but if they see you have carrots, they'll be your best friend.


Animal Encounters

Want to get up close and personal? Several animal encounters are available. The newest encounter is with the penguins in their new penguin tank. Any interaction is on the penguin's terms but there is no direct contacted.

You MUST wear pants and closed toe shoes if you plan on attending the penguin encounter.


Otter Encounter

You can also snuggle up with two new baby otters, Otto and Octavia. Feed and cuddle the babies in a fun, educational and hands on learning experience.

Photo Credit - The Wild Animal Park

Giraffe Encounter

If you want to do more than just feed Jase and Jasmine carrots, you can book a giraffe encounter, where you get to feed and touch the giraffes. You may even get to share a smooch or two.

Photo Credit - The Wild Animal Park

Sloth Encounter

You can also meet Stella and Stanley during a sloth encounter. As an added bonus, you'll get to see Stella's new baby. The only thing cutter than a sloth, is a baby sloth!


Hippo Encounter

Or how about a baby hippo? Yeti is a 1 year-old Pygmy Hippo that loves to eat sweet potatoes. You can help feed him and learn all about Pygmy Hippos during your encounter with a trained keeper. You'll even get a painting to take home, crafted by Yeti himself.

Photo Credit - The Wild Animal Park

Each half hour long encounter is $150 for 1 to 2 people. 3 to 4 people costs $200. Each additional person over 4 people is $50.

The Wild Animal Park in Chittenango is open 7 days a week. Tickets are $13.99 for adults and $11.99 for children. Learn more at

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