A house exploded in a western New York neighborhood, propelling a mushroom cloud toward the night sky, and setting two adjacent homes on fire. The explosion was caught on Ring doorbell video.

The house, on Noel Drive in Gates, outside of Rochester, exploded around 6pm last night. According to the Democrat and Chronicle, firefighters were on the scene extinguishing the blaze, which spread to two neighboring homes, destroying the garage of one.

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The homeowner was not home at the time of the explosion, and miraculously, no injuries were reported.

The explosion, which completely leveled the two-story home, was captured on Ring doorbell video, which can be viewed here. The explosion occurs at approximately :56.

Several witnesses posted video of the blaze on social media, and reported seeing the large fireball. Investigators say they dont know what caused the explosion, that created a large debris field in the otherwise quiet neighborhood.

Neighbors say they heard a loud explosion and felt their homes shake at the time of the blast.

While investigators have not yet determined the cause of the blaze, it always good to know what to do in the event of a suspected gas leak.

Any natural gas leak is a potentially hazardous situation. If you suspect a natural gas leak, National Grid recommends that you evacuate the premises for your own safety while taking the following immediate actions:

  • Do NOT touch any electrical or light switches, appliances, thermostats, doorbells, phones or anything that could cause a spark.
  • Do NOT turn any electrical equipment on or off.
  • Do NOT pull any plugs from outlets.
  • Do NOT smoke or light matches.
  • Call National Grid’s gas emergency number from a safe location: 1-800-892-2345 or 911 in upstate New York. National Grid technicians will respond.
  • Do not return to your home until National Grid tells you it is safe.
  • Whether you are inside or outside, if you smell gas, act fast.

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