I'm sure you have to be excited to have the chance to see Elton John perform at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse, right? Well, wait until you see how expensive tickets are.

As of this moment, tickets have not completely sold out for the show, but one could surely assume they would. Why wouldn't they? This is the final time EVER that Elton John will be coming to Central New York. But that is one of the main reasons ticket prices are just completely and utterly absurd.

Now, tickets are still available on ticketmaster for around $205 a peice. However, those won't be the greatest potential seat to have. Front row tickets you ask? Well, those are priced not just in another bracket, but into another atmosphere. Front row tickets right now look to be sold out or just about sold out and are priced for resale at $5,369 a peice. Wowzas!!!

For that price, it may be a wise idea to search up some of the other date Sir Elton has in the final tour, or leading up to it. He will be playing in Buffalo and New York City to name a few. Although I can't imagine that tickets for a show of his at Madison Square Garden would be all too much cheaper for front row tickets.

Yes, this is Elton's Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour. His final tour. But would you spend $5,369 to see him perform with the best view in the house? Or, would you be just as content spending over $200 for the 'cheap seats'?

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