There's a unique farm in New York where you can spend the day walking goats, hiking and kissing llamas or experiencing yoga with alpacas.

Goat Walks

Start your visit at Clover Brooke Farm, meeting the many sweet-natured and loving goats. Pick your favorite, put them on a lead and walk through the pastures where you'll see the grazing Shetland sheep, llamas, alpacas and cows. It'll take about an hour, as you walk a half mile at goat speed.

Credit - Clover Brooke Farm

Llama/Alpaca Hikes & Kisses

Trade in a goat for a llama or alpaca and take them on a mile long hike along groomed trails. Take lots of selfies along the way and get ready to pucker up when you return for some llama love. "Percy the Llama is very willing and able to give ample llama kisses," said farm owner Andrea Parent-Tibbetts.

Credit - Clover Brooke Farm

Llamaste Yoga & Lavendar Loofah

Find tranquility and inner peace with outdoor Llamaste Yoga alongside the farm's friendly llamas and alpacas, with yoga instructor Virginia Bocchicchio. Don't worry if you're new to yoga. The session is geared toward beginners, but all levels are welcome.

After the yoga session you'll be invited to a 'one of a kind' Lavender Experience to create your own loofah to enjoy at home.

Credit - Clover Brooke Farm

Clover Brooke Farm, has been in the Hudson Valley since 1850. It's located at 175 Ruskey Lane in Hyde Park, New York. Learn more and book your unique experience at

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