Being a server is a tough job in the best of times. This year, with COVID shutdowns and restrictions, waitstaff have had it tougher than ever - struggling to make ends meet while staying healthy and safe. One New Hartford server had a terrible experience this weekend that turned magical, thanks to her own Christmas angel.

Sierra Roman works at Pizzeria Uno in New Hartford, and is grateful to even have a job during such a tough time. This weekend, she had a tough night. "250 dollar, beers, apps, main course....then desserts and more coffees....then ask me at the end to split the bill," Sierra wrote on Facebook. After all that, not only did the table leave her no tip - they even stole her pen.

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Sierra says it's what happened next that brought her to tears. Her husband, David Tennant decided to give her the tip himself - and not just 20%, 25%.

David handed her the tip with a note. "Here's the $46.25 (25%) that you deserved. (I know you probably served them perfectly.) I can't make people understand your VALUE, but I can show you that you man DOES. I LOVE YOU!!"

Sierra says she was brought the tears by the kind gesture of her partner - and it makes her feel so special. Many of Sierra's friends say David is definitely a keeper.

"David is a keeper for sure! I’m sorry people are such jerks especially during this time of year and during Covid times."

"I wish people like that could be called out on being literal ---- humans. But damn, David hit it outta the park, he's amazing!!"

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