The Utica Food Pantry will host a drive-thru food distribution at the Irish Cultural Center of Utica.

This event will be held on Thursday, July 30th, at 623 Columbia Street from 10AM - 1PM. Boxes of nutritious food made available through the Federal Farm to Families program will be distributed.

Individuals will receive boxes that contain meat, dairy and produce items that come from area businesses.

Families in need of a food box for their household should enter the drive thru from the Columbia Street entrance to the Cultural Center.

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Remember These Coronavirus Food Safety Tips From The CDC

The CDC reminds you to use proper food safety practices when handling food and before, during and after preparing or eating food. Here's a few COVID 19 facts, dealing with food:

- The virus that causes COVID-19 cannot grow on food. Although bacteria can grow on food, a virus requires a living host like a person or an animal to multiply.

- Currently, there is no evidence that the virus that causes COVID-19 spreads to people through food. However, it is important to safely handle and continue to cook foods to their recommended cooking temperaturesexternal icon to prevent foodborne illness.

- The virus that causes COVID-19 has not been found in drinking water. The Environmental Protection Agency regulates water treatment plants to ensure that treated water is safe to drink.

You can read a full list of COVID food tips from the CDC online.

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