You can use all those leftover boxes from your online Christmas shopping to declutter and give back with Give Back Box.

If your Christmas shopping left you with a collection of Amazon boxes, and maybe extra items you no longer have a use for - start 2020 by passing along your gently used clothing and household items to others in need - right from the comfort of your Central New York home.

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Here's how it works. Retailers have teamed up with Give Back Box to donate items to non-profits. Grab one of those Amazon boxes, and fill it with seasonally-appropriate clothing or household items, and then print out a free shipping label at You just put the label on the box, drop it off at UPS or the post office or have it picked up by the USPS. Your items will then be donated to a charity for re-use.

If you'd like to support a specific charity or cause, you can do that too, but you'll pay a nominal fee for the shipping label.

Give Back Box has a similar program for Lego bricks, cleaning the bricks and donating them to youth organizations across the United States.


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