The town of Bath is only about 150 miles southwest of Utica. And it might be worth a road trip.

There's a guy in Bath who's getting national attention for the handmade signs he's been displaying that help people smile during these trying times of COVID-19. Woody Latour (pictured with his wife Nancy) has become the King of the Dad Jokes. To see a collection of his greatest work, just go to Woody's Facebook page, start at the top, and keep scrolling through pictures of his signs. We dare you to stop at only one.

During the pandemic, Woody has been providing some comic relief from his front yard on Haverling Street in Bath, New York--and, now, across the country through the power of the Internet.

“My daughter drove by a house and saw that these people had a joke of the day outside of their home, she sent it to me and I said… hey we can do that here”, Latour told

Woody’s daily dad jokes have been drawing great reactions from as far away as Arizona through his Facebook page.

Bath, New York has a population of about 12,000. According to Wikipedia, their one notable person is Jospeh James DeAngelo, a serial killer and police officer who had a notorious spree during the 70s and 80s.

Now, Bath has Woody Latour. Big improvement. Somebody needs to edit that Wikipedia page.

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