Some people decorate for the holidays, others go all out and make a spectacle. Well, that's exactly what the owners of this home in Schuyler have done.

One tradition many families have during at least Christmas time is driving around and looking at light displays. Some people do just string up some lights and call it a day, not the Schuyler Holiday House. They also aren't only about spreading holiday joy in December either. Halloween gets some love too.

What makes their display a little bit different from most is that they have it all synced up to a radio station.  When you pull up, tune to 104.9 FM on your dial and enjoy the spectacular job they have done. If you have never experienced that before, it definitely is cool. Another amazing thing they have for at least Halloween is the jack-o-lantern faces that light up and change.

Interested in seeing the festive light displays with some music synced up to it? Head to Windfall Road and Westgate Drive off Herkimer Road in Schuyler. Find a spot in front of their house and enjoy. They do have a few simple and fair requests though.

Please do not block or turn around in our neighbors driveways. If they are trying to exit or enter their homes please allow them to do so. The subdivision has a cul-de-sac to turn around in. Most of the houses in the subdivision are also decorated for your enjoyment.
Please be careful and watch for pedestrians and other vehicles when driving through subdivision. - Schuyler Holiday House - Facebook

Will you be checking them out for the 2021 season?

Take A Look At The Schuyler Holiday House Displays

These are photos from years past that give you a little glimpse of what to expect.

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