State Police are investigating a scary incident that happened early Tuesday at the Strawberry Hills Mobile Home Park in the Town of Schuyler.

Officials say the Utica Police Department got a call that was transferred to the Oneida County 911 center that was threatening in nature. The caller told the operator their name was Casey Hernandez and that she just shot her mother in the face and was depressed. The caller also told 911 that he had tied up two siblings with the intent of shooting them, according to State Police. Police say the caller claiming to be Casey Hernandez then told the 911 operator he also had possession of a pipe bomb.

That call prompted immediate action from several local law enforcement agencies. State Police officials say along with a name, the caller gave an address on Blossom Lane in Utica, but after trying to get more information from the caller, authorities determined the location in Schuyler. State Police say as a result of this call The New York State Police Special Operations Response Team (S.O.R.T), Bomb Disposal Unit (B.D.U.), Crisis Negotiators, Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI), and uniform members all responded to the scene.

When law enforcement arrived on scene they tried to contact the alleged caller from outside the residence by phone and commands. Officials say they were unsuccessful. Eventually, State Police were able to contact the homeowner and alleged victim. The lone resident of the address was a 77-year-old woman and she assured law enforcement that there was nothing wrong at all, according to police. So who was Casey Hernandez? Nobody. It was a false identity given to the 911 operator in an attempt to "Swat" this residence. Police say the homeowner never heard of anyone by the name Casey Hernandez.

After analyzing the situation, the call and other technical aspects of the incident State Police determined this was indeed a 'Swatting' incident. 'Swatting' is the practice of someone calling police and creating a scenario so severe as to provoke a "SWAT" team style response. It's essentially a sick and cruel joke, frankly a dangerous one. The State Police in Herkimer are thoroughly investigating this incident and all circumstances surrounding it.

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