Two men were arrested after stealing $75 worth of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups from a Tops grocery store.

Look, we love peanut butter cups a LOT, but that doesn't mean we'd turn to a life of crime to get some.

Two men, 29-year-old Kay Dilker and 37-year-old Joseph Turner, were detained behind a Tops grocery store for stealing $75 worth of the candy. While carrying the candy, AFTER they were caught, the two then tried to escape by jumping over a fence - likely spilling the bright orange-wrapped candy along the way. Suffice it to say, the two were caught. Police were seen gathering wrappers from various backyards.

According to WIVB, Dilker and Turner were arrested and arraigned in Batavia City Court. Turner was released and is scheduled to reappear in city court while Dilker was taken to the Genesee County Jail on $2500 cash and $5000 bail.

We're not candy experts by any means, but these two tried to make a break for it carrying at least 75 candies - or 150 cups. If they had just waited a couple of weeks, they could have gotten them for free on Halloween.

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