During the restrictions of the COVID-19 lockdown, many of us have re-discovered the wonder of our surroundings.

Whether it's state or county parks, hiking trails, cycling, or just a plain old Saturday or Sunday drive--we're getting out there and doing it. It's simply amazing how many of attractions and curiosties are right here in our own back yard. The folks at New York Upstate recently came up with a list of 12 roadside landmarks to visit while socially distancing in Upstate NY. Two of 'em are in the Mohawk Valley.

The throwback gas station on the corner of North George and West Liberty Streets in Rome. According to NYup.com:

This vintage Sears Service Station sticks out in the residential area just north of Rome’s business district. There is a little museum here dedicated to the Howard Sear gas station franchise which began in Rome in the 1920s.

The Cross Island Chapel in Oneida. Designed by architect Chandler Mason and completed in 1989, the interior is just 28 square feet. That's 6 feet wide by 3 feet deep. Maximum capacity is FIVE. So, choose your wedding party VERY carefully. NYup.com says:

This chapel sits in the middle of a pond and can be reached by rowboat only. It is certified as the “smallest church in the world.” Many marriages have taken place inside the diminutive house of worship. Usually, the preacher rows the bride and grown out to the island and performs a service just for them.

Credit: Google Earth
Credit: Google Earth

Some of the other cool attractions within our reach: The "fork in the road" (literally A FORK IN THE ROAD, in Dutchess County), the giant bird statues in Jefferson County, and the World's Largest Pancake Griddle in Yates County.

What other Empire State roadside attractions are worth seeing?

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