We've all been missing live shows since the coronavirus pandemic started and shut down pretty much every tour around the country and world.

That's why I was surprised when I saw that Todd Rundgren was scheduled to do a concert in Albany. So, is he coming to SPAC? Times Union? Upstate Music Hall? No, it's a virtual tour with a virtual stop in Albany. Huh?

It's a clever concept and anything that brings live music to fans is a good thing, but I'm just not sure how successful this will be.

Todd Rundgren and his band, based in Chicago, will start a virtual tour,  February 14th in Buffalo, New York with 25 shows through March 22nd in Seattle -- with each one including a performance of his 1989 album, Nearly Human.

Albany is included in the "tour" with a show on February 16th. So what makes this different from another concert film that bands like Metallica have done? Each show on the tour will be customized to each tour stop with local landmarks, food, references and setlist. There will even be remote meet-and-greets with Rundgren, as will options to select viewing from multiple camera angles and to be featured on several rows of video screens that will serve as the real-time “virtual audience” for the evening.

Tickets will be $35 and you can purchase them and get info at ToddRundgren.NoCapShows.com

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