The Bills are back on primetime tonight as they play host to the New England Patriots on Monday Night Football at Highmark Stadium.

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If you are one of the thousands of Bills mafia that won't be at the game tonight rooting on the Bills and will be watching the game on TV, there are certain things that you will see during the broadcast.

The national audience knows Buffalo and Western New York for a couple of things. Snow, wings, and Niagara Falls.

So the weather is not calling for a ton of snow tonight during the game in Orchard Park, but snow is in the forecast in the southern tier so we might see some shots of the snow. It will be more about the wind and rain tonight.

Of course one of the goto camera shots will be of someone making wings in Western New York. They will show the person tossing the wings in a big silver bowl with the sauce spraying around and then they will show the person plate the wings. The announcers will then talk about how wings were invented here in Buffalo and joke about getting some sent up to the broadcast booth or talk about how they got some wings last night while prepping for the game.

The other thing people know about Western New York is having one of the great natural wonders of the world in our backyard. Coming in from a commercial or going out to a commercial you are sure to see an aerial shot of Niagara Falls all lit up. Of course, the shot will be of the Canadian side but no one will mention that on the broadcast.

That is not everything that you will see tonight on the broadcast. Keep scrolling to see 5 things that you are guaranteed to see during the Buffalo Bills vs New England Monday Night Football game tonight.

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