It's one thing to want spend some quality time with the family, but then there's this. bring you kids along for a robbery? What ever happened to helping them with their homework, or playing catch in the yard? NBC is reporting that a man broke into a yogurt shop in New York the night of April 4. But the surveillance video of the crime reveals something even more bizarre and brazen about the alleged crime; the yogurt thief's two small kids can be seen aiding their father as he rummages through the small stand. Another thing that's odd is what they actually stole.

Police say the incident happened at Menchie's in Glendale, Queens. The video of the incident shows the man break the window of the shop as one of the kids shines a light to help their dad on his yogurt rampage. Then, the dad grabs something and three intruders suddenly leave the scene.

At first, store owners said they didn't really notice anything different the next day. But then they saw the mess left behind by these would-be yogurt shop bandits and checked the surveillance. What was actually stolen, according to the owners? Not money. Not even the yogurt. Toppings. Yes, according to the shop owners, the trio stole some candy and cake toppings that were right by the window. All that work just for that? Perhaps, they needed some sprinkles for Easter dessert?

You expect it not from an adult like that with little kids, that looks like you were taking them out for a good time. And is that how you're going to end your night? It just doesn't make sense,

Speaking of yogurt, did you know that New York has it's very own official state snack? read all about it here. But if you couldn't care less about that, when are we ever going to get our own official state dinosaur?

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