With Earth Day approaching, a recent study was conducted to determine how green and eco-friendly each state was, and New York's results may surprise you.

All states strive to be more green and eco-friendly by providing sustainable, clean drinking water and food for residents. There are many factors that affect the eco-friendliness of each state. New York usually tops the lists in regards to eco-friendliness.

Aside from dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, the United States has dealt with many natural disasters over the past 12-months, including hurricanes. It seems possible that living more a sustainable life and using greener energy sources could help prevent us from having quite as bad hurricane seasons in the future.

The team at Wallethub conducted a study to determine the greenest states. They compared the states across 25 key metrics of environmental friendliness. The data set ranges from green buildings per capita to the share of energy consumption from renewable resources.

New York, once again did really well on this list. New York was ranked as the second greenest state in the country. New York was just behind Vermont and just ahead of Massachusetts. Maryland and California completed the top five.

West Virginia was ranked as the least green state followed by Louisana, Mississippi, and Alabama, and Kentucky.

Eco-Friendliness in New York:

  • 10th – Air Quality
  • 7th – Soil Quality
  • 17th – Water Quality
  • 13th – LEED-Certified Buildings per Capita
  • 19th – % of Renewable Energy Consumption
  • 2nd – Energy Consumption per Capita
  • 1st – Gasoline Consumption (in Gallons) per Capita

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