In 1877, Thomas Edison first harnessed the capability of recording and reproducing his own voice, and the phonograph (the predecessor of the modern record player) was born. In 2001, the world was introduced to the first iPod, and although mp3 players had existed as early as 1997, Apple revolutionized the market, putting our favorite songs in our pockets for the first time.

In recent years we've seen a reawakened interest in dropping the needle on a record, and now there's one company looking to make that experience a more portable one. The Coturn CT-01 has can play 7", 10" and 12" records. This thing features wi-fi and bluetooth connection capability, and a touchscreen display.

Right now the project is still in Kickstarter mode, but it'd raised more than $170,000 toward production, so we imagine we'll be seeing this thing for sale very soon.

With sixteen hours of battery life, it's conceivable that you could pack this portable record player (carefully) on your next camping trip and play a record by firelight without an outlet in sight.

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