We all know about Howe Caverns, but do you know about Secret Caverns? It's only an hour from the Utica-Rome area and definitely worth the trip.

There are several legends about Howe Caverns, and one states that Lester Howe, who was fascinated with the story of the "Blowing Rock," noticed his cows preferred grazing in a certain spot on his friend neighbor Henry Wetsel's land.

As Howe went to check on the herd, he noticed a temperature change. It was getting cooler.

Slowly and carefully, he pulled aside the bushes. Lester Howe had found “Blowing Rock,” giving credit for the discovery to his cow, Millicent.

In 1842, Howe and Wetsel entered the cave and started exploring. They made their own lantern and continued to examine the caverns 156-feet below the earth’s surface. In February 1843, Howe purchased the property from Wetsel for $100. You probably know the story from there.

Secret Caverns opened in 1929 and are about 2 miles away from Howe Caverns. It's not as big and commercialized, but still beautiful in its own right. Secret Caverns features an all-natural 1/2 mile tour, featuring calcite forms, sea fossils, dome rooms, and boasts a thrilling 100-foot underground waterfall.

Photographer Sandy Roe recently visited Secret Caverns, took these amazing photos, and graciously allowed us to share them with you. Enjoy and Thank You, Sandy!

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The Prehistoric Passageway of Secret Caverns

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