That viral photos of a frozen waterfall in someone's kitchen isn't from Texas. It actually from Watertown, New York and it's from 2018.

A picture of pipes bursting and the water turning to ice has been circulating on social media with the caption - "a friend shared this to me from Austin, Texas."

But it's not from Austin or any other town in Texas. The photo was originally posted by mynameisadrean on Reddit with the caption: This is what happens in my hometown when you don't leave the faucet trickling in the winter. Pipes bursting in Watertown, NY.

Bennett Realty
Bennett Realty

A property in Watertown, owned by Bennett Realty, had the heat shut off. But the water wasn't turned off too, according to WWNY. The pipes burst in the subzero temperatures, creating a frozen waterfall in the home's kitchen.

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Millions of Texans were left without power after a rare winter storm brought snow and below normal temperatures. Pipes have been bursting, producing ice inside and outside homes across the state. One resident found their car covered in ice in a parking lot in Galveston.

Power has been restored to most of the state but more than seven million people are still under a boil water advisory.

80 people have died from the storm so far in Texas and officials say it could take months before they know the final death toll, according to the Washington Street Journal. Some suffered hypothermia, while others died from carbon monoxide poisoning trying to stay warm.

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