You Can Buy This Inflatable Boat + Get Ready For Summer
You always hear people say "you're best friend in Summer is the person with a boat".
We're not all rich and we all certainly don't know how to handle a boat on the water or know how to fix it.
But, boy...if THIS boat breaks, all you need is a hole patch and you're…
Sit Back, Relax, and Float Down West Canada Creek
Many in the Mohawk Valley find themselves blowing up tubes and floating down the West Canada Creek with a drink in their hand, the sun shining, and friends and family floating alongside. Haven't done it but want to try? Here's a little break down for you.
Amazon Offering Free Kids Programming w/o Prime Subscription
If you're a parent working from home or you're simply struggling to find ways to keep children entertained while the coronavirus quarantine takes over our lives, this may be helpful.  There are plenty of useful activities that we could be doing with the kiddos, but sometimes, some good old fashioned…

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