A New York State Trooper came to the aid of a choking, 90-year-old woman in an Upstate diner who was having breakfast with her very pregnant granddaughter at the time the harrowing incident occurred.

According to a report in NNY360.com, off-duty State Trooper Joshua Cox was eating breakfast on Wednesday with his wife inside a diner called Shorty's in Watertown, when he heard some commotion and distress.

Across the room, 90-year-old June Wight of Watertown was choking on a blueberry pancake.  Wasting no time, granddaughter Emily, 9-months-pregnant started doing the Heimlich maneuver on her grandmother, but the 90-year-old was quickly losing consciousness according to the story.

That's when, according to the report, Trooper Cox sprang into action and took over the situation.  Emily watched in horror as the young off-duty trooper did everything he could to keep Wight alive, and despite her worsening condition, he didn't give up.

According to his account of the story, Cox went back and forth between open-hand slaps on her back and the Heimlich maneuver, but precious seconds were ticking away, and the elderly woman was turning blue.

At that point, according to Trooper Cox, "she slowly turned to me and said, "Woo, I thought I took my last breath," Trooper Cox said. “And I said ‘Not today, honey.’”

Once it was learned that June was doing okay, the family turned their attention to granddaughter Emily, who in the middle of all this stress, was days away from having a baby.  According to the report, a day later, Emily gave birth to a baby girl, Chirsta.

In a 24-hour span, an elderly woman in upstate New York went from having her life flash before her very eyes, to locking eyes on her beautiful great-granddaughter all thanks to an off-duty super trooper named Joshua Cox.

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