Strangers from around the world came together to help servers struggling to survive during the coroanvirus pandemic. $1,200 was donated from all over the U.S. and Canada to 'Kitchen Chaos Pays Off,' a campaign that gave back to waiters, waitresses and bartenders in central New York.

Logan was the final server to get a little help. He works at Charlie's Place, a diner in Clinton and he works hard. We were lucky to grab the last table available and Logan was waiting on all of them. But no one had to wait. Logan was prompt taking orders, delivering food, refilling coffee and giving checks, while being friendly with every customer.

Thanks to everyone donating to Kitchen Chaos Pays Off, we were able to give Logan a $300 tip. And he earned every penny. Unfortunately, we missed the big moment when the video didn't work. But you can see take 2 where Logan thanks everyone for their generosity.

Three other servers also received large tips before the holidays.

Emma at Nail Creek Pub in Utica

Emma Deis works at Nail Creek Pub in Utica. She was brought to tears by the generosity of complete strangers. "I've always seen things like this happening and thought it was so sweet, but never thought it would happen to me." said Deis.

Deis had planned to get married in September, on the 10th anniversary of her first date. Those plans were put on hold because of COVID. The coronavirus not only postponed her wedding, it's hurting her livelihood. Deis relies on tips but with less people eating and drinking, those tips aren't what they use to be.

Watch the tearful surprise complete with a surprise serenade from Rainbow, who just happened to walk in when we handed Deis holiday help.

Whitney at Red Lobster in New Hartford

Meet Whitney Lawrence of Rome. She's a waitress at Red Lobster in New Hartford. Whitney is working to not only earn enough money to support her and her three children, but she's spent the last 10 years working on her degree in Forensic Science. "I'm the first generation in my family to go to college. My nephew is now looking to go to college too."

If school debt wasn't enough, Whitney's raising three kids aged 14, 12 and 5. "The oldest one has epilepsy," she explained.

How does Whitney juggle it all? "No sleep," she joked. "You just do what you gotta do."

Watch the touching moment that brought Whitney to tears.

Liz at The Vigneto in Rome

Meet Liz. She works at Vigneto's Restaurant in Rome. But she was off for two weeks. "I got sick. My mom is sick and I haven't really worked much because the restaurant was closed down."

Liz was the first to receive an early Christmas gift. In addition to the our regular tip we added another $200. "I can not believe it and it happened at just the right time," said Liz. "It helps me so much I’m crying."

COVID has been detrimental to the restaurant business and all its employees. "You have no idea what you did for me," said Liz who promised to pay it forward. "You and your Kitchen Chaos followers are angels."

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