Experts say the only reason to warm up a car when it's cold is for your comfort. That's it, that's all, there is no benefit to the engine.

Mechanics say warming up your car is a waste of time and gas. Letting it run for 30 seconds before driving is fine, that's how long it takes the oil to get from the bottom to the top of your engine, where the moving parts are.

Your car warms up faster driving it rather than letting it sit there running, and don't forget that starting the engine and leaving the vehicle unattended with the keys in the ignition is against the law in CNY.

USA Today says the outdated idea comes from a time when cars had carburetors, the fuel delivery system that preceded fuel injection, and did require warming up on cold winter days.

FYI you should NOT jump in the car and gun it as you'll put unnecessary strain on your engine. Popular Mechanics says it takes 5 to 15 minutes for your engine to warm up while driving, so go easy for the first part of your drive.

This article is not about vehicles covered in snow and ice. You still need to scrape your windshield and have your defroster working correctly before a quick getaway.

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If you continue idling your car, all your doing is wasting gas, giving off greenhouse gas emissions, and other types of pollution. So unless you're driving a vintage car, a muscle car, or something with a carburetor, you don't need to warm it up!

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