Businesses have already had to go through enough with the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, some have to add theft to that list of worries.

Zeta Platt had plans to take her food truck, Zeta's Eatery, out in the city of Rome on Monday evening. That plan quickly was stopped as she realized someone stole the generator.

"It was cabled down and locked on the back of my truck, a White Ford 250," said Platt. "This has been on the truck for 3 years."

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She said the theft happened sometime around midnight on Monday. She's been in contact with the Rome Police Department and is tracking down the serial number for the generator, a Honda 5000.

A generator is imperative to the operation of a food truck. The easy way explain is like this: without a generator, you have no business. It's how the truck can run all of the appliances necessary to cook food for the customers. Now, Zeta's Eatery is without.

Platt is asking that if anyone has information regarding the whereabouts of the generator, to contact her or the Rome Police.

How to Help Prevent Theft in Your Community

According to Grange Insurance, residential break-ins and burglaries spike over the summer months. As the temperature rises and the weather improves, we tend to do things that make ourselves more vulnerable to theft.

But, with a couple of preventative measures, you can help deter would-be thieves and keep your property safe.

  • Lock everything up.
  • Take steps to avoid advertising to burglars. Don’t allow them to see all the nice things you have that might be worthwhile to steal.
  • Consider taking steps to make your home and car less desirable and more difficult to break into.
  • If you want additional advice on how to best secure your home, car or business, you can ask for a police officer to conduct an inspection and give you advice on how to improve your security.

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