Stewart's will be renaming some ice cream.

At the upcoming Big Green Scream doubleheader, Skidmore College students will be picking the new name for Stewart's mint chip ice cream, according to News10. They will vote by volume of cheers on the two names Skidmore College narrowed it down to: Skid Mo’ Mint and Creative Mint Matters (a play on Skidmore’s slogan “Creative Thought Matters”).

The official vote will be this Saturday, February 15th during the Skidmore women’s basketball game against Clarkson University. Samples of the flavor will be available at the game between the women's game that starts at 2:00pm and the men's game that starts at 4:00pm.

The name change will go into effect as soon as March in Saratoga and Ballston Spa Stewart's Shops. That means you may not see the name change at your local establishment. Which name do you like better?

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