Maybe you're slaving away at your job and just don't think you're getting the kickback for your efforts that you deserve. How about becoming a snowplow driver? Here are the benefits:

  1. You can make around $100/hr or more. Why work an 8-hour day when you can plow a couple of driveways and parking lots and then kick back in front of the TV for the rest of the day?
  2. You only work a single season a year (take that teachers)
  3. You change your work environment every few minutes rather than being chained to a desk or the same four walls every day
  4. Free daily hot chocolate and other gifts at your stops
  5. No annoying co-workers... or co-workers at all for that matter
  6. No boss. You're the boss. If you and a client don't get along, just dump all of the snow on their front porch or chew up their yard and move on. There will always be another driveway.
  7. You can do a slipshod 30-second job and still get paid for it because plowing is in such high demand and your clients don't have the ability to do what you do even on your worst day
  8. You're actually able to express yourself creatively because let's face it, plowing snow is an art and you've got the State Plow Championships to consider
  9. Like hair salons, car shops and restaurants, snowplowing is one of the four basic needs of ALL people in CNY (no joke.)

The only real drawback that we can see is that you'll have to budget your earnings for the rest of the year as just like crab fisherman, you'll be pulling in an entire year's take in one season. Or, just like most plow guys: go into landscaping in the off-season and just keep raking it in... Stand by for the next post: 'Why you should drop your desk job for landscaping'.

Oh, and one more thing. I used to push snow at Griffiss Airport, so for those of you that already do this for a living, there ain't no plowin' job that's more of a bear (or pays less) than that one!

So, what are you waiting for? Go buy a truck, throw a plow and get to it. This isn't Florida after all... And keep your browser right here for Winter Watch school closing and delay updates.

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