For those of us in Central New York that think skunks and raccoons would make cute pets, we should start adopting cats. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation announced that they will be expanding the list of dangerous animals, making it illegal to own them as pets.

Currently in Central New York, the DEC already regulates having several animals as pets including: American alligators, caimans, venomous snakes, native bears, wolves, large cats (lion, tiger, leopard), large reptiles, and gorillas.

According to a press release, the new outlawed pets will include the following:

The proposed regulation change expands the list of animals that pose a threat to public safety or indigenous wildlife to include the following species: serval, caracal, Eurasian lynx, and all other non-endangered or threatened Felid species except domestic cats; arctic fox, swift fox, bat eared fox, and all other non-endangered or threatened Canid species except domestic dogs and the fennec fox; squirrel monkey, common marmoset, capuchin monkeys, and all other non-endangered or threatened non-human Primate species; Asian black bear, sun bear, spectacled bear; African forest elephant; Dwarf caiman; wolverine; badgers; bats; skunks; and raccoons."

These animals will not be allowed as pets, but zoos, game farms, and other private facilities may obtain permission to keep them for public viewing.


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